Saturday, June 4, 2011

Inovonics 250 Multiband Compressor

A recent fascination with multiband compression in hardware form led a dotted line to an X in the U.K. (via eBay) that is an Inovonics 250 stereo multiband compressor. Of course, designed for implementation in broadcast, this unit is fully programmable. As described in its manual, it combines slow gain-riding A.G.C., multiband compression, graphic equalization, and a final stage of peak limiting. The manual gets intense, appropriately geared to the piece of gear it pertains to. Alone, it's a good read, and at some point while reading it, I guarantee you'll nod approvingly and think to yourself, ".. that's a pretty good idea."
Check out the auction and decide whether you're cruel enough to tell me you've won it:
eBay: Inovonics 250 FM Stereo Multiband Compressor

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