Sunday, March 20, 2011


   Welcome to the new blog all about cool things for recording that are for sale all over the world. We will be collecting links to all the stuff that gets talked about all the time with people who make records for a living.
   I couldn't find a single spot to just look over all the cool stuff, without filtering through 9 million ebay listings or craigslist posts or TapeOp messageboard pages to find just the fun and cool and interesting stuff, so i decided to get this rolling with help from a ton of people in the recording community. Expect to see constant updates, comments from recording people you know, and tons of gear to shop through that has all been referenced elsewhere or that we personally know to be Good Recording Stuff.
 We have absolutely no vested interest in the sale of any of these cool items. This is simply a service to the recording community to give a heads up when something cool is available.
    Enjoy. Hopefully this helps you find something cool to pursue the vision you have for your recordings.
-Joel Hamilton

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